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St. Mary's Bell

After almost one full year without our bell ringing, we now have our bell back in operation. In addition to our refurbished bell, we also have a 4 octave digital carillon. The speakers are mounted in the belfry, and the keyboard and computer are in the sacristy. Below there are available before and after shots of the bell, as well as the new equipment.

Our Digital Carillon was made by Chime Master Systems of Lancaster Ohio. A link to the description of the product we purchased can be found HERE.

We have a recording of the bells playing below. Just click play to play the video!

You can click on the pictures for a larger view.
The Control system for the Digital Carollin
One of the four speakers mounted in the tower point North, South, East and West.
The old motor to swing the bell will be scrapped. There was also a similar motor for the hammer to toll the bell. It has also been replaced.
This is the new motor to swing the bell.
The hammer was also replaced. This is powered by an electromagnet, thus having no need for its own motor.
The new motor swings the bell by chains fixed to the bell. This is more safe than the old way of doing so with a wire wrapped around the bell's wheel.
Our bell was fitted with new nuts and bolts. The old ones had become rusted to a dangerous point.
The five new bolts.
Our current bell was made by the H.Y. Stuckstede bell foundry in St. Louis Missouri. It was purchased in 1912 to replace the original bell (which also was the original bell in the first St. Mary's church on St. Mary's Street) which had cracked.
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