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Rev. Francis Speier
Rev. Francis Speier


Dear Parishioners:

In the 21st century technology has become the rage. The advances in technology have affected all aspects of our daily lives. The technology age has even made its way into the Catholic Church. The one tool that has added to the life of the parish and local church is the internet.

Communication, in the 21st century, is now done with email, websites, fax and other new age communication techniques. Our parish has now become part of the new communication era. St. Mary’s parish has its own website. This site contains a great deal of information concerning the parish and its activities. It also contains email addresses that will allow you to communicate with the parish staff.

All information about our parish is available to individuals around the world. Mr. Alex Fries is our webmaster. He has done a wonderful job of redesigning the website and keeping it up to date. I would invite all of you to use our site to keep informed of the happenings in our parish. God bless.

Father Speier

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Saint Mary's church is located in the Toledo Diocese